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V competition Tickets

The V competition is Associate in Nursing annual music competition control in European country throughout the penultimate weekend in August. unionized by SJM Concerts, the event is control at 2 parks at the same time that share a similar bill; artists perform at one location on Saturday then swap on Sunday. The sites area unit set at Hylands Park in Chelmsford, Essex and Weston Park in South Staffordshire. though preponderantly a popular music genre competition, a good vary of musicial genres area unit accepted; in recent years pop acts became ever a lot of common.
The idea for V came in 1996 once Pulp’s cheater Jarvis Cocker proclaimed he would like to play 2 outside venues in 2 days. Pulp’s promoters got along and came up with the concept of golf stroke the gig into Victoria Park Warrington and Hylands Park Chelmsford giving fans in each the North and South an opportunity to check the band. Then came the concept of adding a lot of bands to the bill, golf stroke on a second stage and property individuals camp for the weekend. within the finish Victoria Park was simply too tiny for 2 stages and inhabitation. therefore in August 1996 there was someday of artists in Victoria Park and 2 days at Hylands Park with inhabitation. The northern leg of V97 was switched to Temple Newsam, Leeds to produce space for inhabitation and 3 stages. In 1999 the Northern leg of the competition was affected to Weston Park in Staffordshire and has remained there since.

Previously it had been control at Temple Newsam in Leeds, before being replaced by Carling’s Leeds competition. Originally, the competition took the name of this year, with the primary competition being named “V96″. Since 2003 it’s been called merely the V competition. Its weekend format, low queuing times and organization have given it a loyal audience. The competition sold-out come in record time in 2006.

Mel C, Dido, and N.E.R.D. have all performed at the competition, and each Razorlight and disloyal performed in 2006. V showcases a combination of British and international musicians, from gumptious bands like Coldplay in 2000 and also the Kaiser Chiefs in 2003 and 2008, and glam rockers El Presidente in 2005, to veteran vocalist Tony Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie. women Aloud conjointly performed at the 2006 show, and received rave reviews for his or her performance. McFly performed at the competition in 2007 and received a large turnout and nice reviews that weren’t expected.

The competition has been noted for its business nature as compared with different British music festivals. V competition has received criticism for charging £10 to shop for a programme – the sole method festival-goers will see what time artists area unit performing arts – whereas others have mentioned the very fact burgers value £7 and water bottles area unit generally condemned at the doorway, cost accounting up to £2 once within the grounds. Some fans have spoken the organizers of the event as ‘greedy’.

The London Evening normal gave the 2009 competition 3/5 stars when headliners Oasis off at the concluding minute thanks to sickness. moreover, roughly 800 individuals were lacerate with most being right down to falls inflicting sprains and ankle joint injuries.

In 2009, organisers were forced to limit entry to girl GaGa’s performance at Chelmsford when fans became stuck attempting to fight through the slender entrance to the podium stage.

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